Welcome to GSK Organization

Welcome to GSK Organization (P) Limited. Your End to end solution for Logistic Services. We are involved in providing high quality Heavy Trucks & Busses Drivers services to our clients. These well trained drivers are our quality of services is very high and we try to ensure that we satisfied our clients at their maximum level. Who ensure proper functionality of the Organization activities. Apart from that, all documentation related to the drivers is done by us and they are provided with exclusive insurance cover. Moreover, these services are in compliance with defined industry standards. In addition, we also provide mobile phone to all drivers that help us in tracking their location and we give a one Contact Key Person to know the driver’s status and we are maintain DDTS (Daily Driver Tracking System) Report.
GSK Organization We have a fleet of over 8 years experienced skilled staff, well operational facilities and the capability on the Management all these features help you achieve your Goals in your Business through our Services. Whether something is to be Sent / Received / Processed you can count on us.